Settling In...

As we continue with our missional experiment, hopeful to make an impact on our community and demonstrate the love of Christ to our city in unconventional ways, we are now gathering on Sunday morning's at the Joshua Community House, 302 East Ave. J-12, behind Joshua School. We serve breakfast for the neighborhood kids & families @ 9am, then invite everyone who so desires to worship and learn with us. All are welcome to join us in service and worship.

Current Series: 1 Peter, Sanctified in Suffering

Sunday Worship & Learning @ 10:00AM: Living in community, serving breakfast to the neighborhood @ 9AM, then gathering for worship with all those who so desire.

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Team Expansion

The Vaughn Family is preparing to leave for India in October. We are committed to being a part of their support team for at least a year. We ask that you pray for them and continue to give generously as we support global missions.

Missional Community

Wednesdays @ 6:30PM - 8:30PM On Wednesdays we take the opportunity to gather for topical studies and to discuss gospel application. We also use this this time discuss and conduct our missional projects. These evenings start with dinner at 6:30pm, and follow with study and discussion time. All are welcome, including children.

We don't just go to church. We are the church, engaging in real life together.

We believe that The Bible is the inspired Word of God. We also know that most people, Christians and non-Christians alike, wrestle with the Truth of God’s Word at various times in their lives. We find it helpful to understand the storyline first, then, find yourself in the story. Asking questions & seeking answers regarding God is just about the most important adventure of the human life. Too often, Christians act as if they don’t wrestle and dismiss those who are honest enough to admit they do. We embrace the tension and encourage the quest to find ourselves in The Story! We also know that in order to do so, we must understand and believe the gospel. We are "Kingdom minded," in that we believe that our daily mission is to bring God's redemption into every aspect of life wherein we find ourselves. We invite you to get to know the person and work of Jesus Christ with us, and allow Him to shape our lives in community.

We are Rich in Grace!

It is because of Christ's death in our place that we do not experience the wrath of God which we so justly deserve. Jesus Christ satisfied God's justice and turned away God's wrath from us by bearing it Himself on our behalf. Now God can extend mercy to us without subverting His justice. Mercy and justice meet together at the cross. We are here, at such a time as this, to share this Good News with our community. We are a multi-generational, Christ exalting community of faith committed to sharing the love, mercy, and grace of God that we have so richly received.

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